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July Growing Gardens workshops

Water to the Weather for Healthy Watersheds


Tuesday, July 20 - 6-7:30pm (NE Portland)


Participants will learn the basics about evapotranspiration, water-wise irrigation, and how to reduce non-point source water pollution. The class discusses how to use a soil probe, measure your sprinkler system, and how to measure weekly watering needs. This workshop is ideal for those who water outdoors and want to conserve water to protect the environment and reduce their bills. Qualified participants receive a free kit of conservation materials including a rain gauge, soil probe, bucket, hose nozzle, and more. This workshop is in partnership between Growing Gardens and Community Energy Project.


Tree Care for Gardeners


Tuesday, July 27 - 6-8pm (NE Portland)


Learn tips and techniques for tree care in and around your garden, including how to incorporate shade-lovers and early bloomers around existing trees, maximizing your fruit output. As well as how to plant, tend, prune and care for the tallest members of your garden. This workshop is in partnership between Growing Gardens and Friends of Trees.


All Growing Gardens' workshops are a $5-20 sliding scale donation. For more information or to sign up for a workshop contact Rodney Bender at 503-284-8420 or [email protected]


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