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StreamTeam Salmon Creek Restoration Project--Preview Opportunities!

Salmon have thrived in Vancouver's Salmon Creek for centuries. As the creeks namesake they would return from the ocean, crowding the creek with hope for another generation. Locals told stories of their grand numbers, claiming they could walk across the creek on their backs the fish were so plentiful.


The current reality is much different. Salmon Creek, like many northwest streams and rivers, no longer supports the bounty it once did. Many factors are impacting salmon survival. Lack of cover, high stream temperatures, erosion and lack of rearing areas are a few of the threats that salmon face in Salmon Creek.


Clark Public Utilities' StreamTeam Program has been working to improve these conditions and bring salmon back to Salmon Creek for the past 15 years.


This summer the team will complete a major salmon enhancement project along the Salmon Creek Greenway.


You can help bring salmon back to salmon creek by joining us for the following:


Project Preview Review maps of the project as you learn about project goals and potential trail closures. Project Previews will be held on Tuesday, July 27 at 6:30pm and Saturday, August 31 at 11am.


For more information please contact Lisa Beranek at (360) 992-8585 or [email protected]


Lisa Beranek * StreamTeam Coordinator * Clark Public Utilities PO Box 8900 Vancouver Wa 98668 (360) 992-8585 www.StreamTeam.net [ST_BigTypeLogo_pcExprt]


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