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Our Community University: Thriving in a Changing World: Class 1: Thursday, July 22nd, 10am-3pm

Our Community University: Thriving in a Changing World


In the spirit of sharing our creative energy and knowledge with one another. I have gathered together with Michele Brooks, David Franklin and Noelani Rodriguez to bring you part one of Our Community University. We all have interesting and important skills to share and I intend to create a series of gatherings for that purpose. Since many of us have daytime hours free it makes sense to use that time to learn, compare notes, network, and grow ourselves and get better at what we do. Here is the first offering. I hope you will join us. If you¹re not able to come, please pass this invitation along to others who might benefit from 4 hours of interesting information-sharing, networking and skill-building. Also, if you¹d like to become a presenter in this series, please let me know. Here¹s to our emotional, spiritual, and mental growth and thriving, in a changing world!


Day 1 Thursday, July 22nd, 10am-3pm (1 hour for lunch) Cost: $10 per class or $35 for all 4. (come for one talk or all four) (checks and cash accepted) Location: 1823 NE 13th Ave. (close to the 8, 9 bus and Red and Blue Max lines) (just north of the Lloyd Center, parking is easy) Wi-Fi available Tea available Please RSVP to [email protected]


Class 1: 10am-11am Albert Kaufman: Albertideation:


> The Who What Where When How and Why of using Social Networking and Email > marketing to promote yourself, your ideas and your business. Albert teaches > businesses and individuals how to use social networking to organize and > promote ideas, causes, and improve your bottom line. With 14 years of > high-tech business he is familiar with a variety of software and how they can > be networked for greater success. To see what Albert is up to on a given day, > find him @ work thinking @ http://albertideation.com


Class 2: 11am-12pm Michele Brooks:


> The life and times of an economic refugee or how to make money in South Korea. > Michele Brooks: http://abundancecompany.com/michele_brooks.htm


Lunch: 12-1pm (please bring your lunch, or there are many places nearby to pick up something to eat)


Class 3: 1-2pm: David Franklin: Radical Presence: Creating Authentic Community in the Midst of Global Change   > In these rapidly changing times, we are being called into deep integrity. We > have an opportunity to move beyond the addictions, distractions, and suffering > that keeps us in separation, and to learn how to love one another. >   > Our modern times call for spiritual practices and lifestyles that serve both > the self and the collective. It is time to move beyond our individualistic, > fear-based ways of living, and come together in community to support one > another. In order to do so, it is essential to learn and engage in practices > that create relationships that are sustainable, co-creative, and call forth > our gifts. >   > In this experiential presentation, we¹ll talk about the shifts that are > occurring in our society, and how they are creating an opportunity for us to > show up more powerfully and thrive. We¹ll also learn and practice ways of > being in authentic presence and community with one another. You¹ll leave with > a sense of new possibilities, hope, and connection. >   > David Franklin is a spiritual activist devoted to creating a new paradigm for > masculinity that includes living the embodied path of spirituality, sexuality, > leadership, and presence. As an experienced facilitator and ordained minister, > he is masterful at creating and holding safe space for transformative > experiences that utilize practical, body-centered modalities and down-to-earth > spirituality. For more information, visit www.RadicalMen.com


Class 4: 2-3pm Noelani Rodriguez: The Quickest Way to Double Your Sales


> These days, businesspeople are resorting to new strategies to attract > customers in the New Economy--many are promoting Classes and other Promotional > Events. The quickest way to double your sales is to double the effectiveness > of your "Irresistible Offer," or the way you describe your business. Whether > you want to promote a class, a service or a product, you can sell yourself > with an irresistible offer that no one can refuse. > > As a Google Certified Consultant and $1M selling marketer, I have a proven > track record with over 1 million ad clicks in the top 1% of ad profitability. > Let's have some fun as I show you how to double the effectiveness of your "9 > second elevator speech," honing it into an irresistible offer. Let's play at > doubling the effectiveness of your offer to double your sales! > > Lani¹s website: http://ebooks.thebestever.net/


3pm: schmooze, network, talk, compare notes, over tea, wine and bisquits




Albert Kaufman skype: albertkaufman [email protected]



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