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Last call for Career Connections applicants!

Career Connections Professional Training and Internship Program


*Even in this economy, our training graduates are getting good jobs.


*This program is FREE and space is limited. Apply now!


Summer Training: August 10-September 17 MONDAY-FRIDAY 9AM-3PM


Recruitment is starting now! PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: • 18-24 years old & a resident of the City of Portland • Have a high school diploma or GED • Able to pass drug screening when applying for internships/jobs with partner companies • Meet our income qualifications (we serve low-income students; we’ll help you figure out if you qualify)


**This program is funded by the Portland Development Commission (PDC) and the Workforce Investment Act (WIA-Youth).**


Start with a challenging six week professional training: • Opportunities to increase confidence, motivation, and hope • Networking with local professionals & exploring career options • Learning résumé writing and interview skills that will get you noticed • Identifying your strengths, skills, and passions


Followed by: access to exclusive Internships and three years of career and college advising


Orientations are required to learn more about this unique opportunity!


Final Orientation: Wednesday, July 28, 10AM


WHAT WE LOOK FOR IN APPLICANTS: • Excited about three years of intensive support and career planning with a career advisor • Committed to developing self and reaching goals • Motivated to work and excel in a professional setting and have a strong interest in exploring the professional work world & doing an internship • Able to identify personal strengths & growth areas, eager to build skills, and willing to accept feedback and be accountable • Able to maintain a positive, mature, and professional attitude & appearance • Committed to creating a stable & healthy personal life that supports success • Awareness that some criminal backgrounds (especially felonies) or credit problems may be a barrier to employment


IF INTERESTED: 1) Check out our website: http://www.openmeadow.org/open/meadow/schools/C155/


2) EMAIL Lee Ann Lawrence, [email protected], and do the following: A) Attach a copy of your resume that includes a current phone number B) Answer the 6 questions below (Our program is intended to serve individuals who qualify as low income, who live in Portland, who are 18-24 and who have a diploma or GED. You need to meet these requirements in order to be eligible for our program. Your answers will help us determine if you are eligible and a good fit for our services):


Eligibility Questions: 1) Family size is determined by the people you live with who are related to you. Only include related family that you currently live with. What is your family size? 2) What is your estimated total household income per month? Include wages from every related family member: 3) How old are you? What is your date of birth? 4) What is your career field(s) of interest and what challenges or barriers do you have to obtaining career-track employment in that field? 5) What makes you interested in our training and career development program? 6) In what city to you live?


Lee Ann will get back to you to let you know if you will be invited for orientation. Thank you for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you!