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Youth Empowered Action seeking counselor/kitchen staff

Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp is a non-profit overnight summer camp that serves youth leaders 11 to 16 who want to make a difference in the world, and we are looking for another counselor and another cook for our inspiring camp in Molalla. YEA focuses on building knowledge, skills, confidence, and community for young people to take positive and effective action on the issues that matter to them for years to come. Visit www.yeacamp.org for more information and to watch our inspiring 5 minute informational video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeMzDpjZzuM


YEA Camp - CA runs from August 14-21, with a staff training from 10-6 on August 11-13th.


YEA Camp is seeking counselors with strong backgrounds in:


-Successfully working with youth in a supportive environment


-A history of engaging in social, political, environmental or other activism, community organizing, or other forms of engagement for social change, including issues such as global warming and climate change, homophobia, racism, poverty, immigration, animal rights, environmental justice, women's rights, Haiti/Katrina/oil spill and other natural/manmade disasters and the response to them, and more.


-A desire to bring the skills and ideas learned in working to make a difference to the next generation of leaders and change-makers


-Working collaboratively with others, using non-violent or other progressive communication


-Outstanding interpersonal skills


-A vision for the transformation of our communities, ourselves, and our planet


-Trainings in youth empowerment or other youth work


-Preference for counselors with previous camp staff experience


Delicious organic vegetarian / vegan food, and lodging in a cabin at camp are included. We will be able to offer a small stipend for your valued time if that would make a difference for you. (We are a non-profit camp, and most of our campers are on scholarship. We do still have spots for campers, too, so please pass on the word...)


Background checks will be conducted.


If you are interested in being our cook (we will have two) and have experience with cooking vegetarian/vegan food and cooking for larger groups, please apply. You may come to staff training the 11-13th but its not necessary. Menu planning will be done, but you will be shopping for food.


For more information about our program, visit www.yeacamp.org.


We are looking to finalize our staff in the next week, so please email your resume to laura at yeacamp dot org if you are interested.


Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!