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Check out pictures of these items on my craigslist ad: http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/zip/1866907668.html


Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation Department is removing plastic tree protectors from their various planting sites and would like to offer them to the greater metro community. We are hoping to help a group save money by offering a reusable product before we recycle the hard plastics. We also hope we can fulfill a need while finishing up our project responsibilities.


What's available:


15" white ripple tree protectors that become a cylinder shape 4 inches across after using a zip tie to close it around the tree [we have hundreds of these available and more in the near future. They are a little dirty from sitting out in a wetland and some have slashes from weed whacking, but very reusable]


36" black plastic netting 25 inches across. We have hundreds of these.


30" tan or light green tubes of various diameters.


24"-36" wooden stakes. Used with the protectors to keep them in place. We do not have many of these due to rotting after being in the ground for years, but we can offer some to a small project if needed.


Please contact Teresa Fernandez, AmeriCorps Volunteer Coordinator: 360-619-1124, [email protected]. I will be replying Tuesday-Friday office hours.


Thanks for looking!