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Volunteers needed for the Black United Fund of Oregon's 2010 Grants Evaluation Committee

Goal of the Grant Evaluation Committee: To assist the BUF Grant Program by conducting pre- and post- grant evaluations that are objective, thoughtful, and sensitive to BUF funding objectives and community needs within Oregon and SW Washington. Grant Evaluation Committee members are asked to evaluate grant applications submitted to BUF. Grants under this program do not exceed $5,000 and are made to non-profit organizations in the areas of Arts & Culture, Economic Development, Education, Health, Human Service, and Social Justice.


WE BELIEVE that the success of our community is directly related to the health and well being of its residents, and that community development can only occur when every individual is able to reach and live out their full and complete potential as a human being.


OUR MISSION is to assist in the social and economic development of Oregon's low-income communities and to contribute to a broader understanding of ethnically and culturally diverse groups.


Volunteer Evaluator Tasks: To conduct fact-finding investigations of the organizations that apply to BUF for grants, producing both verbal and brief written reports. If needed, evaluators will also conduct follow-up reviews to assess the outcome of grants nine months after grant awards are made. Support is available from the Chair of the Grant Evaluation Committee and BUF staff.


Necessary Qualifications: Skills required include: general knowledge of the community and its non-profit sector; ability to analyze and compare grant applications impartially; ability to communicate concisely, both orally and written; ability to conduct careful and judicious grant investigations; understanding of the variety and complexity of community needs; and ability to value a diversity of charitable activities in the community.


Time Commitment Requires: The work is seasonal, focused on the foundation’s spring and fall funding cycles. A typical cycle might require the following:


Brief training and assignment of grants to evaluate  1-2 hours


Investigation and written report on three grant requests  6-9 hours


Meeting to report and discuss findings with GEC  1-2 hours


Flexibility to conduct some activities during working hours; such as, site visits to applicant agencies and investigative phone calls are necessary.


Support Grant Evaluation Committee Members will work closely with the Committee Chair and the BUF Program Staff.


If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Christian Kofi at (503) 282-7973 or via email at [email protected].