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Donated Warehouse Space for Food Storage: Needed by September 1, 2010

Donated Warehouse Space for Food Storage Needed by September 1, 2010


Help us continue to feed those most in need. Northwest Portland Ministries provides food to those in need, that live in NW and parts of DT Portland. We have grown from feeding 203 people/month in December 2007, to over 800 people/month currently. We have been able to increase the number of people we serve because of donated warehouse space for packing food boxes monthly that get delivered to shut ins (106/mo), as well as weekly Food For Kids backpacks that go home during the school year to feed 240 children/month that live in shelters or transitional housing that attend Chapman Grade School. Our donated warehouse space will no longer be available starting September 1, 2010. Please help us by donating warehouse space so we can continue to feed these vulnerable populations. We are a 501(C)(3) organization so the donated space would be tax deductible allowable by law. If space isn’t available to donate, perhaps we could off set expenses by paying utilities.


Space Needs:

Approximately 1,200-2,000 sq feet or more in dry environment

Access to a bathroom, for volunteers while they work in the warehouse

Lighting and some heat would be appreciated

Electrical outlet to accommodate two small refrigerators

Entry level access so volunteers can load and unload food boxes

At the end of August we will also need donated packing boxes to move the food. Perhaps you might also have a team of employees that would like to help us move to our new donated warehouse space.

Thank you for your time,

Delanie Delimont

Executive Director


Northwest Portland Ministries

2701 NW Vaughn, Suite 102

Portland, OR 97210

Main Phone: 503-221-1224, ext 106

Fax: 503-505-5028

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