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JDN WorkNet First Wednesday Networking Meeting 8.4.10

Join your local Job Developers Network (JDN) in helping achieve our vision of Developing Opportunities & Building Connections ... creating possibilities for Businesses and Job Seekers to build positive employment outcomes.


FEATURED TOPICS: JDN-YES ... Youth Employment Success Website Launch JDN-NEWS ... New Employee Workplace Success Workshops JDN Connections Diversity Expo - October 1, 2010 JDN Diversity Leadership Forum - October 14, 2010


JDN WorkNet meetings are always FREE to JDN Subscribers; $10 for non-subscribers at the door, or join today at: http://www.jobdevelopersnetwork.org/content/join-jdn


JDN DIVERSITY LEADERSHIP FORUM October 14, 2010: Nominations now being accepted for awards. A DRAWING WILL BE HELD FOR ONE FREE TICKET to the JDN Diversity Leadership Forum - October 14, 2010. For details of the forum visit JDN website: http://www.jobdevelopersnetwork.org/content/jdn-diversity-leadership-forum


JDN CONNECTIONS DIVERSITY EXPO October 1, 2010: Sponsorship Packages available now. For details of this event visit JDN website: http://www.jobdevelopersnetwork.org/content/jdn-connections-diverstiy-expo


JDN-YES ... YOUTH EMPLOYMENT SUCCESS FREE services provided in cooperation with local JDN Partner Organizations. (1)Connecting Youth of all ages to Education, Training & Job Opportunities; (2)JDN-YES Career Coach Question & Answer Blog; (3)Online Resources (4) Events targeting Youth, building strong diverse, inclusive workplaces. Watch the JDN website for launch of this service Thursday August 10, 2010: http://www.jobdevelopersnetwork.org/


JDN-NEWS ... NEW EMPLOYEE WORKPLACE SUCCESS WORKSHOPS This event and website will be launched Wednesday, October 4th at the JDN WorkNet First Wednesday Networking Event. Learn how you can apply to mentor a youth between the ages of 16-21 for these FREE workshops. These workshops are limited to 25 students and are made available free of charge through a generous grant from the Juan Young Foundation. Watch the JDN website for details of these FREE workshops - first workshop Wednesday, September 15th, 6-8pm: http://www.jobdevelopersnetwork.org/


JDN Contact Information: Laura Bock, JDN Program Manager Job Developers Network (JDN) http://www.jobdevelopersnetwork.org