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Slough School Education Intern - now hiring!

Education Intern - Slough School Education Program


Mid-September - early December 2010


20 hours/week


Position Description:


The Slough School Education Intern will prepare and deliver field-based educational and stewardship programs and classroom-based educational presentations to K-12 students attending schools within the Columbia Slough Watershed. She/He will also develop and present parent/child programs for families residing within the watershed and assist with general council events.


See www.columbiaslough.org/sloughschool/ for more information about the Slough School Education Program.


Duties and Responsibilities:


. Field Programs: Prepare and lead field studies and stewardship activities for schools in the Columbia Slough watershed. Activities include: nature hikes, aquatic macroinvertebrates, plant identification, site maintenance, and mulching. Provide direction and supervision to students and volunteers during field program.


. Classroom programs: Prepare and deliver Slough School hands-on classroom programs to K-12 students in the Columbia Slough watershed. Program topics include watersheds, water quality testing, riparian habitats, among others.


. Family programming: Promote and deliver 4 parent/child programs for "Tadpole Tales."


. Events: Represent the Council at special events such as Evening Canoe the Slough, and other Council-sponsored events as requested


. Maintenance: Perform routine maintenance on Slough School program equipment.


. Perform other duties as assigned


Location: Whitaker Ponds Nature Park, 7040 NE 47th Avenue, Portland, OR 97218




. Approximately 20 hours/week from mid-September through December 2010 (10 hours each weeks of September 20-24 and November 22-26)


. Schedule dependent on Slough school programming, some flexibility allowed.


. Must be available: Monday through Friday 9am - 12pm


. Limited evening and weekend requirements.


. Preferably available on the following dates: 9/18, 9/27 late afternoon, 9/30pm, 10/6pm, 11/13 and 11/29pm


Compensation: The intern will receive a $1000 stipend over the course of term.


Required qualifications, skills, and education:


. Strong background in field-based science education


. Strong communication, teamwork and leadership skills


. Knowledge of local flora, fauna and water quality issues


. Able to take direction and initiative


. Able to lift 30 lbs overhead


. Valid Oregon driver's license


. High school diploma


. Proficiency in basic computer skills, including Microsoft Office programs


Preferred Qualifications:


. Bachelor's degree in science, education, natural resources or related field


. Certified in CPR and Basic First Aid


. Ability to communicate in Spanish


. Prior canoeing/kayaking experience




The intern will work under the guidance and supervision of the Education Director and Lead Educator, with additional support from the Executive Director, Stewardship Coordinator, and Outreach Director.


Work Environment: 10% office, 35% in schools, and 55% in field


Safety Considerations: This position involves working in an outdoor setting, in varied weather conditions, often walking and hiking on trails of varied terrain and canoeing.


To Apply: Submit a cover letter, resume, and three references to Sheilagh Diez by noon on Monday, August 16, 2010. Interviews will be held the week of August 23-27, 2010.


Email: [email protected]


Mail: Columbia Slough Watershed Council


7040 NE 47th Ave


Portland, OR 97218


Questions? Contact Sheilagh at 503-281-1132 or [email protected]


The Organization:


The Columbia Slough Watershed Council is a 501(c) (3) non-profit located in northeast Portland. Made up of a diverse group of neighbors, property owners, businesses, environmental groups, recreation advocates, and government agencies, our mission is "To foster action to protect, enhance, restore and revitalize the Slough and its Watershed." The Council's work currently focuses on education, stewardship, and community outreach. For the past ten years, the Council has offered environmental education activities, workshops, paddling events, and restoration opportunities to the diverse populations of Portland, Gresham, and Fairview.


The Columbia Slough Watershed Council Slough School Education Program offers free educational programs for school groups within the Columbia Slough Watershed. These hands-on programs teach students about their local watershed including topics such as water quality, aquatic macroinvertebrates, and habitats.


Sheilagh Diez


Education Director


Columbia Slough Watershed Council


7040 NE 47th Ave


Portland, OR 97218






Our mission is to foster action to protect, enhance, restore and revitalize the Slough and its watershed.