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Volunteer Treasurer Opening on Science Nonprofit Board

The Institute for For Culture and Ecology (IFCAE) seeks someone in the Portland, OR region to fill the position of treasurer. This is a volunteer position and a voting member on the Board of Directors.


Background Requirements: This is an important position in our organization and therefore we need somebody who can commit an average of 3 hours of time per week. The person must be comfortable communicating frequently by email in a timely manner. We prefer a certified public accountant but we will seriously consider any application that demonstrates strong accounting knowledge. The position requires the ability to read spreadsheets in Excel.


Roles: - Maintain knowledge of the organization and personal commitment to its goals and objectives including actively participating/communicating with other Board members and core staff. - Help raise funds to meet general operating costs. Having writing skills and experience with budgeting will be assets in this role. - Oversight of accounting/bookkeeping. Our treasurer does not do bookkeeping entries or write checks, but does regularly review financial documents in the organization including the annual 990, monthly bank statements, and budgets. - Reporting the financial status of the organization to the Board of Directors during meetings, typically about four times a year on a weekday evening at the IFCAE office in downtown Portland. - Serve as a backup check signer and payment approver when the primary people with the responsibility are traveling. - Work with the Management Team to create an annual budget. - Attend workshops and trainings relevant to the position of treasurer. - Adhere to OR DOJ guidelines: http://www.doj.state.or.us/charigroup/tipsbrd.shtml


To Apply: Please download the Application form for the Board of Directors and note that you are applying for the position of Treasurer. http://www.ifcae.org/about/people/background/ifcae-board-duties.html