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Jobs: Teaching position and teaching assistant positions

3 positions one site lead teacher in Mollalla, 2 teaching assistants one in molalla and one in east county portland


JOB DESCRIPTION Molalla Site Lead Teacher REPORTS TO: Principal/Special Ed Coordinator                                                             TYPE: Exempt DESCRIPTION OF POSITION: This full-time professional position provides on site administration of an OOI school program. The site lead teacher is responsible for the overall academic program including teaching, supervising staff and curriculum, providing special education services, student evaluations and the day to day scheduling of the site. Other administrative duties include supervision of enrollment and record keeping, district and organization liaison, and site finances. QUALIFICATIONS: Oregon State teaching certification is required. Master's degree in educational field preferred. Lead teachers must have experience and/or demonstrated ability to work effectively with at-risk and diverse youth. Must have experience in training and supervising staff, facilitating meetings, record keeping and educational documentation. RESPONSIBILITIES:   ¨       Contact community resources regarding school to work and service learning opportunities. ¨       Complete Monday report and Fax to NE site. ¨       Maintain liaison with district, attending meetings, as necessary. ¨       Ensure compliance with all district (and/or Charter) policies, including enrollment, attendance, special education, unenrollment procedures and reporting, suspension and/or discipline notification. ¨       Staff observations and evaluations, in connection with principal developed improvement plan for staff. ¨       Ensure proper maintenance of student records systems including, enrollment forms, academic and behavioral contracts, testing information, progress reports, unenrollment forms, phone logs, and parent contact information. ¨       Confer with district personnel regarding placement of student into program. ¨       Ensure integrity of intake and orientation process, including ensuring that student meets enrollment criteria. ¨       Assist in the development of curriculum and ensure that instructors follow contract design. ¨       Ensure that curriculum meets state content standards. ¨       Ensure that all necessary reports are submitted in a timely manner, including attendance summary, completed credit, test scores, etc. ¨       Develop site-specific policies and procedures within the parameters of OOI policies and procedures. ¨       Participate in meetings with the MHS staff. ¨       Confer with special Ed coordinator to ensure IEP’s are being followed. ¨       Develop overall site plan for parental involvement, maintaining correspondence concerning students' academic, attendance and behavior progress. ¨       Other duties as assigned.   JOB DESCRIPTION TEACHING ASSISTANT REPORTS TO: Lead Teacher                                                                          TYPE: Non-Exempt DESCRIPTION OF POSITION: This full- or part-time position provides support and assistance to teaching and counseling staff. The Teaching Assistant will work with all school staff to assist in creating an appropriate learning environment for OOI students. Duties may include clerical, tutoring, student supervision, and small group instruction with, or under the supervision of, a teacher or counselor. QUALIFICATIONS: The person filling this position must have demonstrated ability to work effectively with at-risk and diverse youth. A high school diploma is required. Some college and/or experience in an academic setting preferred. The teaching assistant should be a self-starter who can efficiently manage small projects, and can work as a member of the team, taking instruction from, and assisting teaching or counseling staff. RESPONSIBILITIES: •     Follow all OOI policies and procedures as listed in the staff handbook. •     Be a positive role model for students at all times. •     Maintain appropriate behavior management as directed by lead teacher and/or social counselor. •     Copying as needed for classroom curriculum, orientation, handbook, etc. •     Faxing paperwork to OOI or district offices. •     Upkeep of student files. •     Keeping correct attendance records. •     Recording student progress and upkeep of student portfolios. •     Correct and record student assignments. •     Help and support in design of new curriculum and curriculum keys. •      Supervise students during lunch, breaks, before or after school, etc. as needed. •      Assist teachers or counselors as needed during classes. •      Assist teachers or counselors in the implementation of class rules. •     Participate in levels groups. •      Lead small group instruction under the supervision of a teacher or counselor. •      Provide individual tutoring as assigned by teacher. •      Attend and assist in supervision of school field trips and after school activities. •      Provide assistance with off-campus errands as needed. •      Assist in providing a pleasant and creative classroom environment by helping design and maintain         room arrangement, bulletin boards, posters, etc. •      Keep regular assigned work hours, with prompt and timely notification of illness or necessary absence. •      Request personal time in writing from the lead teacher at least 24 hours in advance. •      Other duties as assigned by the lead teacher.     salary is DOE contact Rebecca Black at 503-281-9597, fax cover letter and resume to 503-281-9597 or email [email protected]