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Call to Artists in Oregon and Washington

The Architectural Heritage Center Announces a juried art exhibit:


Fostering Harmony: The Symbiotic Relationship of Architecture and Nature


Exhibit Dates: November 5 - December 31, 2010




The Architectural Heritage Center announces a juried art exhibit to be held during the 2010 holiday season. The exhibit offers Pacific Northwest artists an opportunity to have their work exposed to the community, offer work for sale to the public, and support the AHC/Bosco-Milligan Foundation's education programs, advocacy efforts, and collections stewardship. The chosen artwork will be displayed at the AHC for two months, and selected artists will hold weekly community conversations based around their work and the exhibit's theme.


The balance between the built environment and the natural environment is frequently strained. The natural environment simply exists without manipulation; however, the built environment requires cutting into and reshaping the natural one. The introduction of architecture and the man-made built environment into the natural environment is often viewed as an intrusion, and taken in a negative light, especially when it is done insensitively. Mismanagement, shortsightedness, and greed have taken their toll on the natural world. While circumstances created by the architectural and man-made environment have undoubtedly strained the relationship between the built and natural worlds, there is also much to celebrate when the two worlds merge. True beauty can result when the two worlds of nature and architecture come together. The purpose of this exhibition is to explore various perspectives and interpretations of what happens when the built environment and the natural environment successfully meet.


The detailed call to artists and entry forms can be found on our website at: http://www.visitahc.org/content/call-artists-2010 ............. Barbara Pierce


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