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Port City Development Center


Port City, located in Portland Oregon, is a non profit organization working with adults with disabilities. We have just created and launched a new product for dogs called; Waggin’ Tail Make ‘em Yourself Organic Dog Biscuits. Our dog treat kits are a mix of dry food ingredients; organic whole wheat flour, organic rolled oats, and baking powder, packaged in an echo friendly paper coffee style bag lined with a PLA (Polylactic Acid) type of liner derived from corn which is an annually renewable resource. The manufacturing of PLA uses 30-50% less fossil fuel to produce when compared to petroleum based polymers resulting in less carbon dioxide emitted during production. A 3" cookie cutter dog bone is attached to the bag by hemp cord. Customers will just have to add 3 ingredients (which most households already have) and bake per instructions on the back of the package.

Baking our delicious dog treats at home will be fun for your whole family and your dog will be eagerly Waggin’ his Tail! Our dog biscuit kits are a mixture of wholesome, organic dry ingredients. Just add a few ingredients from your kitchen, roll out, cut with the attached 3” dog bone cookie cutter and bake. It’s that easy! Once the biscuits are baked, they can be stored in the eco-friendly paper bag that they come in. (Provided your dog hasn’t eaten them all straight from the oven!) A tin tie is provided to seal the bag for freshness.

Making these treats at home will be fun for your whole family! Just imagine the wonderful smell of the delicious dog treats baking in your kitchen while your dog wags his tail in anticipation!

Please contact Stuart at 503-935-3650 for more info!