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Free Healthy Home Consultations for N/NE Families!

The Josiah Hill III Clinic (JHC) wants to make sure our homes are healthy places for children to thrive. Americans spend approximately 90% of their time indoors where the air is 2-5 times more polluted than the air we breathe in the great outdoors. Everyday cleaning supplies can be surprisingly toxic, harmless-seeming mold and mildew can trigger asthma and allergies, and the invisible presence of lead can severely affect the development of children.


Thanks to funding from the Environmental Protection Agency, JHC now offers FREE Healthy Home Check-Ups to North and Northeast Portland families with small children. During the one-hour Healthy Home Check-Up, a friendly volunteer or staff member will visit your home and assesses potential hazards, such asthma, allergy, and migraine triggers; lead exposure from paint and other sources; mold and mildew; and toxic chemicals linked to adverse health outcomes. Once hazards are identified, JHC provides consultation on exposure elimination and provides helpful resources and household supplies to assist you in improving the health of your home.


For more information about Josiah Hill III Clinic’s programs for improving child health and well-being or to sign up for a Healthy Home Check-Up, contact Amanda Lawrence at [email protected], 503-802-7389, or visit www.jhillclinic.org.