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Josiah Hill III Clinic

The Josiah Hill III Clinic offers a variety of healthy homes programs for families in Portland.

Nonprofit Type: Health

Region(s) Covered: Portland

Contact Information

website link:www.jhillclinic.org
address:5018 NE 15th Ave.
Portland, OR  97211
principal contact:Amanda Lawrence, MPH, Program Coordinator
email:[email protected]


To protect children and their families from environmental hazards such as lead and other indoor toxins.


Working to keep children and their homes safe.


In-home toxins such as mold, chemicals, and lead can impact our children’s health by causing respiratory problems, triggering asthma, or causing lead poisoning. Josiah Hill III Clinic’s healthy homes project provides education and resources for families on ways to create a healthy indoor environment for themselves and their children. Through a room by room walk through we can tailor education to individual household needs. We work with families to take actions based on their prioritized list and also link them to local resources. We also host green cleaning workshops we provide information on key warning words to look for when buying cleaning products, potential health impacts of chemicals and ways to make your own inexpensive green healthy cleaners. Participants receive a green cleaning starter kit to take home.

We provide a capillary “finger-stick test” for on-site blood analysis, with results in minutes. We refer clients to local resources for more information on identifying exposures to lead and reducing and eliminating the source of exposure. Reducing exposures to lead helps prevent lead poisoning. Josiah Hill Clinic also offers monthly testing clinics at the same time and location, community immunization clinics and private testing clinics for at least 10 children and/or pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

JHC also provides free workshops on toxin-free "green cleaning" and mold prevention and clean-up.