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The scoop on our Fall course on Voluntarism and Volunteer Management

*Voluntarism and Volunteer Management* * Theory + Practice*: This foundational course is both practical and grounded in theoretical perspectives and literature. The instructor's two decades of experience in private industry, government, service learning and nonprofit Volunteer Management organizations; together with students' engaging in a unique hands-on Living Lab group assessment of an active Volunteer Management Program, plus interactive classroom activities, community guest lecturers, theoretical study and literature reviews; will ensure students learn by engaging every component of effective Volunteer Program Management and Leadership. For a reading list, please contact us at [email protected] . * For whom?* Graduate, undergraduate, Institute for Nonprofit Management (INPM) certificate students, community leaders, and persons interested in acquiring the knowledge to be effective Volunteer Managers. It is designed to help students preparing (with the addition of experience) for successful testing for the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration (See http://www.cvacert.org/ for information on the CVA).


* When?* Taught on Wednesdays, September 29 thru December 8, 2010, at 6:40 pm to 9:20pm, * Where?* Portland State University, room tba * Registration details*: For Undergrad credit PA 410 (CRN 14672) or Graduate credit PA592 (CRN 14673), register through the PSU website http://www.pdx.edu/registration/course-registration. As an INPM Certificate (non-credit) course, register using the form at http://www.inpm.pdx.edu/registration.shtml. * What’s an INPM Certificate?* See http://www.inpm.pdx.edu/certificates.shtml. * Questions or comments?* Please contact the [email protected] or 503.725.8221.



Sharon Hasenjaeger Assistant Director Institute for Nonprofit Management Portland State University Tel: (503) 725-8221 Fax: (503) 725-8045 [email protected] www.inpm.pdx.edu for information on INPM’s nonprofit courses and events