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Cycle Stroll on the Springwater Corridor Trail Sept 1-30

Join the Cycle Stroll and raise money for watershed restoration and protection while enjoying the Springwater Trail along Johnson Creek!


During the month of September the Johnson Creek Watershed Council is hosting the Cycle Stroll, a benefit event where participants raise money for the miles they travel on the Springwater Corridor Trail throughout the month. Participants ride their bikes, walk, run, jog, skateboard, or dogsled (you get the idea, any form of motion is welcomed) along the Springwater Corridor Trail, logging their miles and collecting pledges from family, friends, and colleagues. Participants complete miles at their own pace at any time during the month. Pledges can be per-mile or a flat donation. Donations raised through this event will support the Council's restoration, education and outreach programs.


There will be some friendly competition along the way with prizes for the most money raised by an individual and most money raised by a company/workplace.


Executive Director, Matt Clark, is available to lead guided bike tours for groups participating in the Cycle Stroll as well.


Registration is open now through September. Updates will be available on our website and in e-bulletins. Learn more at the FAQ and registration here:




We'll see you on the Trail in September!