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September 11 ABCD Training Workshop

SATURDAY SEPTEBMER 11 - 9:00AM to 5:00PM West Valley Community Church, 5215 NE Elam Young Pkwy Hillsboro, OR 97124


$50 fee - Lunch included - Partial Scholarships available


Register at http://www.secondstories.org/


At our August workshop hosted by ROSE Community Development, area residents, students from the PSU Masters of Social Work program, local pastors, a Resident Assets Coordinator, a neighborhood association board member, a Portland Park and Rec employee, came together to study six Asset Based Community Development strategies. Now's your chance to join in.


This training is based on the work of Mike Green and Henry Moore, who published the book: When People Care Enough to Act. My partners and I will draw from your experience and ours to discover how six fundamental strategies that Henry and Mike teach can happen in your community.


This is the sixth time we’ve facilitated the training in the greater Portland area. That means, by participating in the training you will join a thoughtful, engaged circle of ABCD partners. Folks from the following local organizations have already participated growing a realistic vision for their role in transforming their community:


- Americans Building Community,


- Centennial Community Association,


- Children's Justice Alliance,


- Compassion Connect,


- Cully Collective Market,


- East Portland Action Plan,


- East Portland Community Coalition,


- East Portland Neighbors, Inc.,


- East Portland Neighborhood Office,


- Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon,


- Free Arts NW,


- Glenfair Neighborhood Association,


- Greater Gresham Area Prevention Partnership,


- Growing Gardens,


- Hazelwood Neighborhood Association,


- Human Solutions CDC,


- Imago Dei Community,


- Imagine NW!,


- Lents-Gilbert Church of God,


- Lents Neighborhood Association,


- Lifegate Baptist Church,


- Mid-East County Pastors Network,


- Montavilla Food Coop,


- Multnomah County Health Services,


- Multnomah County Office of Commissioners McKeel and Wheeler,


- Multnomah University,


- Native American Youth Association,


- NW Behavioral Health Services,


- Open Arms Seventh Day Adventist Church,


- Our United Villages,


- Parklane Church,


- Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement,


- Portland Park and Recreation,


- Powellhurst Gilbert Neighborhood Association,


- PSU Center for Academic Excellence,


- PSU School of Social Work,


- ROSE Community Development,


- Second Stories,


- Southeast Uplift,


- St. Johns Neighborhood Association,


- St. Timothy Lutheran Church,


- The Table,


- Valley View Church,


- Village Free School,


and more! (Let me know if I missed your organization.)


Yes, life is busy, but we are asking those that sign up to make sure they are available for the full training. ABCD is a wonderful approach to community work and we want you to get the full picture so your work can be more successful.


Six strategies that spring from 12 guiding principles for community engagement will be covered:


1. Finding Assets/Gifts – (learning to look at people and neighborhoods as half-full, discerning the personal gifts and collective assets within)


2. Uncovering What People Care about Enough to Act – (looks at how to engage in listening and learning conversations which reveal dreams and concerns that motivate people toward action)


3. Discovering Distinct Roles for People and Programs – (individuals, grassroots associations, agencies, and institutions each have strengths and weaknesses, here we discover what they are and how to strive for balancing the best elements)


4. Leading by Stepping Back – (helps organizations, churches, agencies to lead from a posture of humility, empowering others toward their own solutions, ideas and projects)


5. Inclusion – (emphasizes the common, inclusive nature of community partnerships; in ABCD work all stakeholders are welcome. How do we make space for all?


6. Mobilizing Groups to Act – (who is already active in your community? Who are you already connected to? How do we create opportunities to work together?)


Go to http://www.secondstories.org/ for more information and to register. I'd be glad to answer any questions you may have.


Mike Vander Veen ABCD Advocate AmeriCorps Member East Portland Neighborhood Office [email protected] 503-810-8269


ABCD = asset-based community development http://www.mike-green.org/essence_of_abcd.php


This approach to community work calls for the engagement of the gifts and resources of the whole community and recognizes that when people are intentional about relationship and use their abilities and talents together, life gets better. http://www.abcdinstitute.org/