Youth Mentor

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organization:SE Works
position summary:

Volunteers mentor youth transitioning from the GED program at SE Works into post-secondary education. They offer support, encouragement, and motivation to youth in their first few semesters of college. Mentors can work one-to-one, with groups, or provide specialized support surrounding life skills. We ask that volunteers are available for a period of 9 months to foster a lasting relationship with the youth. Mentoring times vary and depend on volunteer and participant availability. Expect to meet with youth once a week (additional phone or email contact may be needed) and attend occasional group activities.

Salary / Pay Rate:Volunteer
Required Skills and Abilities:•Attend orientation and training •Give individualized attention to the youth • Act as a support system for them on various aspects of life. • Help develop healthy routines and encourage youth • Hold youth accountable to going to class and/or submitting homework assignments on time • Meet regularly with Mentor Coordinator to discuss and report student progress. • Track and record volunteer hours and submit to Mentor Coordinator.
Qualifications:• 18 years of age or older • Fluency in English • Good communication skills and the ability to explain concepts • Patience; the ability to adapt to different learning styles • Flexibility; the ability to work with youth to develop healthy routines and a schedule for meeting with them • Able to pass a background check • Awareness of cultural differences • Respect for students • Enthusiasm for learning and a sense of humor