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"Corporate Volunteering: Why it Works & How To Prove It" Seminar in Portland, Oregon on October 5, 2010

"Corporate Volunteering: Why it Works & How To Prove It" Seminar in Portland, Oregon on October 5, 2010




As corporations jump on the volunteering band wagon, nonprofits are frantically trying to manage the influx. Incidentally, both are finding themselves a little frustrated. Corporations make a lot of (sometimes unreasonable) requests of nonprofits when it comes to setting up the ideal volunteer experience for their employees. The result is often less than satisfying for all involved: the company, the nonprofit, and the employees.




In this seminar we'll examine why employee volunteering is becoming more important to companies and what nonprofits can offer. Beginning with the "why", we'll discover what companies want - and why they want it. We'll also examine what nonprofits need to do in order to become valued partners to large companies looking to invest in their communities. This process will guide us to the solutions that are better for nonprofits, communities, and companies.




Watch Video "Motivating in Corporate Social Responsibility" Programs and "Chris Jarvis Unscripted"




Date: Tuesday, Oct 5, 2010




Place: Mercy Corps Headquarters, The Aceh Community Room, 45 SW Ankeny St, Portland OR 97204




Time: 9am - 12pm (Businesses and Corporations), 1pm - 4pm (Nonprofit Organizations)




Cost: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/846486865/estwbreg




Who Should Attend:




This seminar is beginner to advanced level; It is designed for CSR practitioners/executives and nonprofit volunteer managers who are responsible for their organization's employee volunteer programs. Others who will benefit from this course include: students, government officials (and others) charged with building partnerships with communities, and/or those who have backgrounds in community engagement.




MORNING SESSION: (9am - 12pm) (for Businesses and Corporations)




"Effectively Engaging Employees and Communities Through Volunteering (Why It Works....)"




*Receive simple steps to designing exceptional employee volunteer experiences . Learn how to increase both participation and enthusiasm . Learn how to create the right space to engage your volunteers at their highest level of contribution * Become equipped to enable employees to achieve more of their potential . Examine the latest and best practices for creating high levels of volunteer engagement, discover why they work, and how to reproduce the results in any context




AFTERNOON SESSION*: (1pm - 4pm) (for Nonprofit Organizations)




How to Create Strategic Partnerships Between Businesses & Nonprofits (How to Prove It....)




Discover how community partnerships are your key to a successful community engagement strategy . Learn how to identify the right partners for your company. * Understand the unique dynamics of community partnerships, and how to ensure their continued success * Learn how to identify outcomes, create measurement systems, and collect meaningful data to prove the value of your employee volunteer program for the business and the community




Seminar Presenter:




Chris JarvisChris Jarvis is the Senior Consultant for Realized Worth located in Toronto, Canada. His expertise is in designing and implementing Employee Volunteer Programs. Over the past 20 years, Chris has worked alongside NPO's across North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia utilizing a model that elevates volunteerism from a task-oriented activity to a transformative experience. Chris' model avoids the complexity of most popular approaches in Volunteer Management Theory, while increasing participation and satisfaction rates. Participants become more invigorated and productive in their respective places of employment.




Recently, Chris and his partner Angela were advisers in the writing of


"Mapping Success in Employee Volunteering: The Drivers of Effectiveness for Employee Volunteering and Giving Programs and Fortune 500 Performance"; produced by Boston College and authored by Bea Boccalandro. Chris and Angela also act as expert writers on several websites and have just finished collaborating on "CSR for HR", a new book providing a comprehensive guide to Corporate Social Responsibility for HR managers.




Chris Jarvis Senior Consultant, Realized Worth 317-371-4435 [email protected] Learn more about Realized Worth




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