Youth Mentor

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organization:SE Works
position summary:

Volunteers mentor youth transitioning from the GED program at SE Works into post-secondary education. They offer support, encouragement, and motivation to youth in their first few semesters of college. Mentors can work one-to-one, with groups, or provide specialized support surrounding life skills with the youth. We ask that volunteers are available for a period of 9 months to foster a lasting relationship with the youth. Mentoring times vary and depend on volunteer and participant availability. Expect to meet with youth once a week (additional phone or email contact may be needed) and attend occasional group activities.

Salary / Pay Rate:Volunteer
Required Skills and Abilities:Skills Education Experience: Ability to comfortably work with youth if they need assistance completing assignments. Leadership Skills: Experience with mentoring and/or the confidence to act as a positive role model in the life of the youth. Communication Skills: Ability to communicate effectively with the youth surrouding scheduling, concerns with life, and questions they may have. Ability to communicate with Youth Mentor Coordinator to record hours and address any concerns that Mentor may have.
Qualifications:Requirements Attend orientation and training Available for a period of 9 months (mentoring times vary and depend on volunteer and participant availability. Expect to meet with youth once a week and attend occasional group activities. Give individualized attention to the youth Act as a support system for them on various aspects of life. Help develop healthy routines and encourage youth Hold youth accountable to going to class and/or submitting homework assignments on time Meet regularly with Mentor Coordinator to discuss and report student progress. Track and record volunteer hours and submit to Mentor Coordinator. 18 years of age or older Fluency in English Good communication skills and the ability to explain concepts Patience; the ability to adapt to different learning styles Flexibility; the ability to work with youth to develop healthy routines and a schedule for meeting with them Able to pass a background check Respect for students Enthusiasm for learning and a sense of humor