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Ghost of Times Past: A Field Trip to Boom Towns of Central Oregon, Sept 25-26

Join Keith May, author of Ghosts of Times Past: A Road Trip of Eastern Oregon Ghost Towns (Sigh Drighed, 1998) for a not-to-missed two-day bus tour of ghost towns of central Oregon. The first day includes stops at the long-forgotten boom towns of Boyd, Dufur, Friend, Shaniko and Antelope. The group lodges in Fossil for the evening, where we’ll meet staff from the Fossil Museum and take in a lecture by Dick Pugh, renowned meteorite scientist from Cascadia Meteorite Lab. The following day, will have a short hike through the spectacular Painted Hills, led by tour guides from the Paleo Lands Institute, an organization dedicated to leading education programs on the geology of eastern Oregon.




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The Dill Pickle Club organizes educational projects that help us understand the place in which we live. Through tours, public programs and publications, we create nontraditional and interactive learning environments where all forms of knowledge are valued and made readily accessible. Founded in 2009, we are a volunteer-run organization, with a shared belief in the vitality of community education and democracy.