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Art Spark by RACC

Artist/Creative Community Happy Hour! This Thursday, September 16th, 5-7 pm at the new Director Park, downtown


Art Spark is helping the Oregon Cultural Trust to kickoff Oregon Days of Culture, October 1 – 8, an 8-day week to Celebrate! Participate! Give! to Oregon culture. This is going to be a fantastic celebration come join us!


The interactive website lists hundreds of events to choose from and a blog for posting your cultural confessions.


At ArtSpark, you’ll be able to snap your own cultural confession photo in a booth created by Tatiana Wills.


Violetta will serve cultural cocktails, there’ll be raffles of all kinds of cultural goodies, and Parks Commissioner Nick Fish will introduce Trust manager and award-winning actress Kimberly Howard to give you the 411 on Oregon Days of Culture.


It will be a good time as always! And you never know who you will meet.


Check out the Art Spark site


Contact for event, Tonisha Toler 503-823-5866