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Youth Progress Association is looking for black picture frames

We are looking for new or gently used black picture frames of any size, to engage our youth in creating an art gallery of their photos. Pictures taken during their life skills outings and outdoor programming will be featured throughout the program space.


Youth Progress Association serves some of Oregon's highest risk youth. Many of the youth we serve were severely physically, emotionally and/or sexually abused, have lower functioning IQs and have experienced multiple foster homes.


While at Youth Progress Association, clients preparing for independent living have access to a continuum of care. This includes access to vocational and life-skills training, a fully accredited learning center, social enrichment, counseling, rehabilitative outdoor programming, therapeutic proctor home living, residential living and transition planning. Upon transitioning into independent living, youth become part of our Extended Family program, where they can continue to utilize programmatic support.


If you are interested in donating black picture frames or frames that we can paint black, please contact Lisa Teuber at [email protected].