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Web and Social Media Volunteer | Intern

Are you passionate about:


* Women's economic empowerment? * Social enterprise? * Co-creating smart & edgy websites? * Building social media brand personalities?


If so, please read on!


Moyo Jasiri is about to dive into creating our identity and brand, including logo, web design, print collateral and online brand personality (blog, twitter, facebook and LinkedIn to start). Our look, feel and personality will be feminine, fresh, modern and bold.


Our Web and Social Media Volunteer|Intern will help with everything from copy writing and editing (red pens needed!) to online media strategy. Because this is such a rich opportunity, we will gladly turn it into an internship for credit for the right candidate.


We adhere to a few simple philosophies. If they resonate with you, Moyo Jasiri wants to hear from you.


1) Whenever possible, feed two birds with one breadcrumb. Conventional wisdom says “kill two birds with one stone.” It is the quintessential phrase for efficiency. However, efficiency that lacks vision is a lost opportunity for all.


Our philosophy is to feed two birds with one bread crumb. - to work smartly and make the most impact with the resources available.


2) Nonprofit is a tax status, not a business model. "Charity" is not in our vocabulary. Angel donors of Moyo Jasiri are investing their hard-earned dollars to create a more equitable and prosperous world for women, their families and communities. Results worldwide have shown that when we invest in women, everyone wins.


3) All "plans" should be short and sweet living documents. If it's not action oriented and date driven, yet extremely flexible, what's the point?


Details: The position is from September 27-December 17th. 10-15 hours/week, depending on availability. This will be a fun and exiciting volunteer experience with a lot of room for creativity and input. We love to co-create and collaborate!


How to Apply: Please send a brief cover letter and resume to Jennifer at [email protected] If you really want to impress, convince us in 140 characters or less on Twitter why you are the best gal (or guy) for the job. If you want to follow the more traditional route, though, we get it. Enter your "full name + Web and Social Media" in the subject line. Resumes without cover letters will not be considered. Obvious form letters that do not speak to our mission or the position will not be considered.


About Moyo Jasiri


pronounced: [mo yo ja see ree] Swahili for strong heart


Moyo Jasiri is an exciting new approach to gender and economic equality. We are creating dynamic spaces in struggling, but promising neighborhood business districts.


Part retail, part co-working, and part networking and education, these enterprises will accelerate the number, growth and success rate of businesses owned and led by women.


Our goal is to create a portable model that can be replicated in any neighborhood, anywhere in the world.


Learn more: www.moyojasiri.com