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An Alphabet of Herbs


Next week, the Alphabet of Herbs series with the Arctos School begins.  It's an accessible, informative 4-session workshop on some of the excellent healing remedies that the plant kingdom has to offer.  Join us!

An Alphabet of Herbs!    with Missy Rohs

Four Thursdays, October 7th-28th, 6:45pm-9pm

    In this four-class program, each evening will be devoted to six different herbs, botanically working our way from A through Z.  Detailed Materia Medica sheets on each plant will be provided, describing the medicinal uses as well as the magical aspects of plants.  Each herb will be present as a tea, tincture, food, or growing being, so we'll get to use our senses along the way.  Our primary focus will be Western herbalism, based on local native plants and European classics, but we'll have a chance to explore remedies borrowed from Chinese, Russian, and other systems of healing.  No experience required!

Class will be held in  SE Portland.

Cost:  $105 for the series.  Individual classes: $30 each.  Registration and pre-payment required – email missy -at- arctosschool -dot- org.

For more classes, go to http;//arctosschool.org.