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Photovoice Research Intern

PhotoVoice Project Intern


Assist the program coordinator in planning and implementing Photovoice Project. This project’s goal is to document the health amenities—e.g. bike storage, community garden, etc.—at ROSE housing and the health implications. Photovoice is a method of research/community building using photography to document and analyze the current conditions and propose/implement actions. This is a great opportunity for someone who would like to gain experience in: community organizing, working with youth and adults, project development and implementation, group facilitation, research, writing and reporting, and more.


Specific responsibilities include: • Become familiar with Photovoice and its techniques • Help prepare materials, and help organize and facilitate Photovoice sessions, which include: Photovoice introduction, photography introduction, multiple sessions on photo analysis, and conclusion/proposal of actions. • Assist in collecting data and writing report • Maintain effective relationships with diverse residents and volunteers • Perform other related duties as assigned


Qualifications: •Experience working in community organizing, social services or related field. •Experience working with school-age children and families •Respect for diverse cultural, economic and social backgrounds of residents and ability to maintain confidentiality of residents. •Ability to prioritize and manage multiple activities •Effective oral and written communication


ROSE CDC combines affordable housing programs with supportive services and economic opportunities to Revitalize Outer South East. To apply please email resume and letter of interest to Han Tran at [email protected] or call 503-762-1466.