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Education Program Manager- Youth Progress Learning Center

Youth Progress Association, a non-profit organization in Portland dedicated to providing youth with the living skills, structure and support needed to transition successfully into the community is looking for a dedicated Education Dept. Program Manager.


The Education Program Manager role is a leader of the education team. Communication, the ability to motivate, and leadership skills are all key in this position. This manager will be the thread that binds the education team to the bigger picture of Youth Progress Association. Through accountability and creativity, this supervisor will help take the education team to a higher level in the classroom.


The Education Program Manager is responsible for all necessary paperwork and record keeping for the proper operations of the Learning Center.


To apply, send your cover letter, resume and references to Betsy Cope, Director of Finance & Administration at [email protected]


Job Title: Education Program Manager Class: Full Time Exemption Status: Exempt (Salaried) Department: Education Reports to: Executive Director Position Requirements: Bachelors Degree and previous experience working with at-risk students Preferred: Teaching License, Handicap Learner Endorsement Salary Range: $35,152 to $42,768 Revised: November, 2010




A. Communication and Meetings


1. Maintains effective communication with all staff at Youth Progress Association.


2. Establishes and maintains district communication/relationships regarding contracts, special education, referrals, and esis.


3. Attends CMACS, High School Meetings, and Leadership Academy Meetings as necessary.


4. Attends client-related meeting as necessary, such as case reviews or IEP meetings.


5. Facilitates the Education Team weekly meetings.


6. Attends program meetings as necessary.


7. Attends YPA manager meeting.


B. Planned Student Contact


1. Completes all education intakes and locating all education records and creating student IDs.


2. Create a transition education plan for all students.


3. Conducts orientation tests for students who are ready to move forward.


C. Supervisory Duties


1. Conducts weekly supervisions with all members of the Education team, addressing celebrations and concerns.


2. Monitors and approves timecards of members of the Education Team.


3. Conducts employee reviews for members of the Education Team.


4. Approves vacation requests and monitors scheduling concerns for members of the Education Team.


5. Assists all new hires to the Education Team and ensures progress and completion of the New Employee Orientation paperwork.


6. Ensures the education portions of the Master Service Plans and Case Reviews are completed in a timely manner.


7. Ensures that daily documentation in completed by all members of for the Education Team.


D. National School Lunch Program


1. Works with the program representatives and administrative staff to ensure compliance.


2. Attends required meetings.


3. Chairs the in house school lunch committee.


E. Computer Record Keeping


1. Completes all esis data entry including student grades, demographics, and other data as it becomes necessary.


2. Has the ability to run required reports when needed to track progress.


3. Completes monthly instructional hours and report billing numbers to administrative staff.


4. Completes weekly slot counts to PPS.


F. Testing


1. Monitors all testing (MAP, OAKs, all academic tests completed by special education teacher).


2. Ensures test scores are communicated effectively.


G. Title 1


1. Monitors Title 1 programs.


H. Data Collection/Reports/Revewals


1. Tracks all data needed for state and district reports such as demographics, and outcomes


2. Completes Accreditation paperwork


3. Complete ODE registration paperwork


4. Works with Pacific Research (student surveys and year end data).


I. Student Grades


1. Collects all student grades and documents accordingly.


2. Ensures teachers/instructors are completing and tracking grades and credit.


3. Evaluates the Honor Roll system with the education team. J. Education Law


1. Continually develops a better sense of education law and how it affects Youth Progress Association. 2. Continually develops a better understanding of private and public schools and how they affect Youth Progress Association.


K. Professional Development 1. Participate in ongoing professional development opportunities.