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Occupy Your Block PDX: Final Schedule of Sunday Events

Hello All,

I'm sending out this schedule to the greater community outside of Occupy
Portland because we need your help! Sunday is drawing near. Due to recent
events, our organizational efforts have been delayed. Nov. 20th is a
nationwide callout for #Occupy Your Block.

There's a small amount of civil disobedience with Occupy Your Block, in
that neighbors will be shutting down car traffic on their block without a
permit. Stick it to the man! (Just a little bit.) Please contact the below
email address in order to get plugged into the event.

We're asking all corners of the city to joyfully engage in the evolution of
the Occupy Movement.
*Neighborhood General Assemblies*. We'll take back space and continue
building the world we want to live in, *together*.

We hope you heed this call and join us in reclaiming the commons.
Reclaiming our voices. Reclaiming our role as citizens of the world and
stewards of the Earth.

From: Jordan LeDoux

(Saturday Night)

10PM - 12:01: Vigil at City Hall [With Silent March Around Parks]
[For this event, a more quiet and somber tone. At midnight, the vigil holds
a minute of silence until 12:01AM, exactly one week after the eviction took


Morning: Occupy Your Block
[Resources for this event are available at www.occupytomorrow.org; Meet
your neighbors and community, and occupy your own block with a block party]

Noon: Community Brunch
[Host a potluck style brunch with your community and neighbors as part of
occupying your block]

3PM: Rally begins at Ankeny Plaza, Naito Parkway underneath the Burnside

3:45PM: March begins
[This march is a march of solidarity with the message of occupy; even if
you don't support all of the tactics occupy employs, this is meant to be a
fun, inclusive, community march focused on the message of inequality and
the solidarity of sticking together with that message]

5PM: March ends, speakers begin
[A few speakers from Occupy Portland will give brief speeches to the
community about what we've been doing and what we plan on doing]

5:30PM-7:00PM: Meet the Occupation
[While enjoying music provided by the community, meet all of Occupy
Portland's committees, working groups, and affinity groups, to learn what
they do, how to get involved, and what they've done so far]

7PM: Occupy Your Block
[Return to your neighborhood and exchange ideas with your neighbors and
community about Occupy Portland; if you feel that your community could
accomplish something, form groups to do it, and work with each other to
start making the better world you want!]

Attached is the flier. Please, anyone who feels like it, use this flier or
make your own and tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

Notes from 9/16 Meeting of Primary Organizers

1. Vigil

Saturday 10 pm vigil at City Hall--to remember the eviction and remind all
of peace.

--clergy speaking about what’s going on, candles *(Looking for
Clergy)(Looking for participants)*

12:00 to 12:01 a moment of silence, vigil ends

--a brief silent march about betrayal, our systems have betrayed us, we’re
feeling a powerful emotion stirred by this movement

need candles & fire, list of speakers and talking points, ID people to ask
to speak, community/participants--could circle the parks and move to city

*logistics need to be planned: who to invite, someone to invite them*

--could be an intimate gathering, away from screens, giving venues for
conversations to happen

The point of this is community.

*Kendall will take responsibility to make this happen*


2. Morning occupy your block--FB poss strongest ally--toolkit on the Wiki,
info will be on website--ACTION COMMITTEE

*Illona--to do: build occupy your block on webpage--there’s a wiki*


*Jordan: outreach, advertising, connecting, making sure it’s publicized;
will contact liaisons with unions*

3. Noon community brunches part of occupy your block: ACTION COMMITTEE

4. 3pm rally downtown Ankeny Plaza under Burnside Bridge (craft market ends
at 4)

--need at least one bullhorn

--banner or flag for the front--*Cameron Whitten*

RESOURCES FOR RALLY & March: ? *(Suggestions welcome)*

5. 3:45 march begins, 4:45 is dark

--invite specific groups: unions, college students, Jobs With Justice
(network of 50 local), faith organizations, Moveon mailing list, how to
invite people w/o email and phone, now that we’re not at the park reach out
to elders (Occupy Portland elders), Oregon Association of Retired
Americans, etc.

look at our letters of support and invite all the groups that have sent
them--*Kate McNulty will contact Nate & do invitations other than unions*

*Paul will invite unions*

*Jordan will invite Metal Ray*

general flyering, FB, email, outreach: *everybody*

*Jordan and Cameron will work on march route*

6. 5pm march ends *Salmon Street Fountain* (well lit, not muddy, paved
over, large, mostly flat) 4-speaker PA system (Mungen), speakers facing
south, two by speakers and two halfway down the crowd

5:30 meet the occupation********* Nighttime has fallen by now, but the park
is well-lit.

Jordan has POCs for several committees, seeing about booths or tables for
each committee--signs (Actions Committee, etc.) Drew might make signs, need
to figure how to elevate it. *Other sign makers?? Bamboo Poles? *

*Different grass-roots organizations in town could also set up a spot. info
distribution and conversation! This is a key element that Occupy Portland
has yet to reach out to. We ask now that these organizations come and join
us in building the future we want to see. *

At the end of this, we hope everyone will take back with them action items,
new ideas, and a willingness to continue occupying neighborhoods. We hope
to see neighbors re-meeting, discussing what they experienced on Saturday.
Also, we hope to begin holding neighborhood General Assemblies. (once a
week?) Then city-wide spokes-council (once a month?) My personal vision for
these General Assemblies and Spokes Councils is that bigger issues relavant
to the City will be discussed, rather than issues that affect Occupy
Portland directly. Please weigh in with your thoughts to me,
[email protected]

You may have guessed, based on my screen name is a reference to Cascadia.
Another personal hope is that this spreads Cascadia wide!

human needs:

--committee POCs

--facilitators (2)

--speakers: people from committees, people representing different and
unique parts of Occupy--this needs to be fleshed out, speakers need to be
decided beforehand and invited: *Jordan will address GA to solicit speakers
and POCs from committees*

--musicians--one already wants to come down

*Gabe will invite and musicians & manage the show that will run 5:30-7 *

material needs:

--PA system, Mike’s working on that, it’s covered

--survey of all the people who come, so nice to be survey takers (age
range, gender identity, part of the city where you come from, what’s
important to you?) We’d have a list of what they care about and how can we
connect with them.


--stage (*Gabe will secure it if he gets a truck)*


*30 mins of speakers, hour and a half of music*
[email protected]*
*In Love and Solidarity, *
*little bear*
* *