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Invitation to Community Partners - Project RFP

NohadA. Toulan Schoolof Urban Studies and Planning

Invitation to Community Partners
For over a decade, students majoring in Community Development at Portland State University have helped local organizations extend their capacity through special projects co-designed by students and community partners.

We are currently seeking partner organizations with proposals for community development projects that can begin in January 2013 and be completed by June 2013. These dates correspond to the winter and fall terms at PSU.

We invite you to submit a brief project proposal
We know how busy you are, so we are only asking you to answer a fewbasic questions about your organization and a few paragraphs describingyour project. Click here to submit your project on-line or contact [email protected] for fillable Word or PDF forms.

When is the proposal due?
Proposals will be accepted any time up to Dec 15, 2012.

What sort of projects qualify?
We are looking for projects that help students build organizing andplanning skills. While the projects usually require considerable hands-on work by students, projects should not be direct service delivery. For example, we would not consider an application where the primary work was to tutor students. However, we would consider a project where students were asked to develop a tutoring program and recruit and coordinate volunteers.

Proposals may be for a single self-contained project or for projects that are a component of a larger ongoing program. Previous projects include event organizing, opinion surveys, needs assessments, community population profiles, program evaluations, brochure and website
development, new program development, community outreach, fund-raising, grant writing and more. The possibilities are almost endless and students are ready to provide creative solutions to your needs.

What are some of previous projects and partners?

* Assisted the Sexual Assault Resource Center to develop a volunteer recruitment campaign
* Worked with the City of Toledo, Oregon to develop a self-sustaining and effectively managed micro-loan program
* Developed case studies of "Living Buildings" for the Cascadia Green Building Council
* Assisted 1000 Friends of Oregon with their 2009 Climate Change and Transportation Advocacy effort in the Oregon Legislature
* Worked with Central City Concern to generate an energy audit for CCC owned buildings in order to affect a 20% utility cost reduction in CCC's housing portfolio
* Raised $6000 to provide 1500 books for the Kanungu Primary School in Uganda
* Developed and implemented a contact survey for businesses in the Hillsdale Main Street Program

How many students will be working on the project and how much time will they contribute?
Each workgroup includes 6 to 8 students. Each student is expected to contribute about 120 hours.

How will projects be selected and when will applicants know if their project has been selected?
Using the project narratives you provide, a screening committee will make an initial selection of about 15 projects that are a good fit for our program. Students will then choose the projects they want to work on. Between 8 -10 projects will be selected. We will inform all
applicants of our final decision by the last week of January 2013.

What happens then?
If your project is selected, a representative of the project team will contact you and arrange a meeting to begin the planning process. You and the student team co-design the project during the first part of the winter term (February - March). Students implement the project during the remainder of the winter term and all of the spring term (April - June).

What is required of the community partner?
Students groups are expected to be self-directing, but we have learned that successful projects require commitment to the project by the organization and depend on regular contact and coordination with an organizational leader who has decision-making authority. Therefore it is important that any proposals include the name and position of staff assigned to work with our students on this project.

Do students receive preparation and guidance for working with community partners?
Student projects are guided by two faculty members for the duration of the project. Faculty members regularly review student work and provide problem solving guidance. Students are trained in research techniques, group facilitation, project planning and evaluation. Their work is informed by their courses in the CD major that help them understand social issues, the tradition of community development, and develop the skills to be effective practitioners.

Who should I contact for more information?

Professor Charles [email protected] 503-725-8416
Professor Richard [email protected] 503-725-4046

Are there any online resources that might be useful?

CD Project RFP https://portlandstate.qualtrics.com//SE/?SID=SV_a3Heex7V9UDYoyp
School of Urban Studies and Planninghttp://www.pdx.edu/usp/
Community Development Major http://www.pdx.edu/usp/degrees/bachelors-degree
Faculty Profileshttp://www.pdx.edu/usp/profile/