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Summer camp positions at unique youth activism summer camp

> YEA Camp is hiring camp counselors, kitchen staff, and camp health
> supervisors for our sessions in Santa Cruz, CA, Portland, OR and Charlton,
> MA.
> Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp is a unique and inspiring leadership
> summer camp for youth 12-17 who care about community service, activism, and
> social justice. At a week-long sleep-away program in a beautiful camp
> setting, YEA campers choose an issue of importance to them (for example,
> some have chosen climate change, racism, homophobia, homelessness, or
> animal rights) and they build the knowledge, skills, confidence, and
> community to take action on that issue once they get home. Campers also
> build lifelong friendships between youth with similar interests in
> bettering their community and society. Youth who have participated in our
> programs report that the camp was one of the most fun, memorable and
> life-changing experiences they have had, and, with YEA’s support, many have
> gone on to start school clubs, plan fundraisers for nonprofits, organize a
> call-in to Congress, and attend hearings to comment about important
> community issues. Check out our website www.yeacamp.org to learn more
> about this unique program.
> We are looking for people who are passionate about working with youth and
> making the world a better place. If working at a camp like this sounds like
> your idea of a dream job, check out our session dates and job descriptions,
> and then send us an email at [email protected] with your cover letter and
> resume. We look forward to hearing from you!
> Job descriptions: http://yeacamp.org/?page_id=335
> Session dates: http://yeacamp.org/?page_id=13
> Contact: www.yeacamp.org, [email protected]
> 503-347-0223