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Sojourn Theatre Hosts Free Design/Craft/Theatre/Architecture/Urban Planning Workshop

Sojourn Theatre's BUILT Public Engagement Series at the South Waterfront Artist in Residence Program presents

What to Where A participatory workshop Saturday August 16 2-5 pm South Waterfront AiR studio

What to Where examines the concept of clothing as home. Clothing as shelter; as the first line of defense against the elements; as functional extension of the self- garment as place. What to Where investigates the person as building block for city.

Join Sojourn Theatre in creating your own concept of What to Where. Led by Sojourn's costume designer, Courtney Davis, In groups or on your own, create a functional costume-shelter using the unique materials provided. Be inspired by a pre-fab house, an inner tube, a porcupine, a raincoat, a seatbelt, or a hamster ball. Get ready to tape, staple, hot glue, and sew, if you can. It's Lucy Orta, meets Project Runway, meets urban planning, with no experience necessary.

For more information go to sojourntheatre.org