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ReCode Portland Community Organizer

Tryon Life Community Farm, a sustainability education and demonstration center in S.W. Portland, launched ReCode Portland to identify and remove regulatory barriers to sustainable building and land use through grassroots organizing, education, and legislation.

Since December 2007, over 50 volunteers and several organizations have been actively involved in ReCode, and we have already enjoyed significant success as the catalyst of a statewide campaign to legalize the re-use of graywater.  

We have just received a grant from the City of Portland's Vision into Action Grant program to fund a community organizer who will effectively coordinate volunteers into a series of campaigns that educate and empower the public, while working with city and state officials and local builders, engineers & architects to develop building and zoning regulations that support people and the planet.

Now, we need to find the right person to be that organizer!

Job description: 10-15 hours a week, $13/hour, September through June

An ideal candidate will have:

Experience in community organizing

Experience coordinating volunteers

A commitment to sustainability

Familiarity with building codes and zoning regulations

Experience in self-motivated work environments

and A flexible schedule

For details about ReCode, please visit www.recode.ws.

You can also read the Vision Grant Application to get a full description of the responsibilities of the community organizer on the website at http://www.recode.ws/index.php?title=Vision_Into_Action_grant

Please submit a cover letter and application by August 15th to Bob Hatton at [email protected] If you have any questions about the position, please contact Brenna Bell, [email protected] or (503)245-3847.

Please repost where appropriate.


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