Phone Canvass Director Needed, Non-Fundraising

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organization:Oregon League of Conservation Voters Education Fund
position summary:

Make a difference by educating voters about Oregon's environmental issues.

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Phone Canvass Director, 30 hours/week, Short-term

The Oregon League of Conservation Voters Education Fund has an opening for a Phone Canvass Director to implement OLCV-EF’s Non-Partisan Voter Outreach project this summer. The position starts as soon as you are hired and lasts 4-5 weeks. Following completion of this project, there will be a similar employment opportunity with OLCV-EF’s sister organization, the Oregon League of Conservation Voters, which could last through the November election.

OLCV-EF educates the public about environmental issues and gives citizens the knowledge and skills they need to be effective advocates for the environment. The duty of the Phone Canvass Director will be to implement the phone voter contact portion of the Non-Partisan Voter Outreach project. Overall, the project has three goals:

- Expand our database of identified environmental voters in communities where we traditionally have a lower percentage of the electorate identified;

- Expand our database of younger voters who identify the environment as a priority;

- Educate the identified voters about the Oregon Conservation Network’s Priorities for a Healthy Oregon as part of a program designed to increase their participation in voting for lower-ballot candidates in the 2008 election and increase their participation during the 2009 legislative session.

The Phone Canvass Director will report directly to OLCV-EF’s Program Staff.

Salary / Pay Rate:Pay range is $1,800 - $2,100 per month (30 hours/week) depending on experience. Because of the focus on direct voter contact, this job will take place between 3-9:00 pm, five days/week.
Required Skills and Abilities:Primary responsibilities will include: • Recruit, hire, train and manage 10-12 phone outreach staff with the support of OLCV-EF’s program and administrative staff; • Manage all aspects of canvass campaign, including work with OLCV-EF’s program staff writing scripts, pulling data from voter file to cut turf, monitor performance of canvassers and entering results data; and • Report regularly to OLCV-EF’s program staff
Qualifications:Qualifications require campaign/educational phone or canvassing experience or its equivalent. Canvass/phone center leadership/management experience is preferred. Applicants need the ability to recruit and motivate diverse groups of people; a dedication to our organizational goals; willingness to learn new skills and ideas; willingness to be self-motivated and self-critical; willingness to work irregular hours. For more information and to apply, please submit a resume (email preferred) and references to: Lupin DeMuth, 320 SW Stark, Suite 530, Portland, OR 97204 [email protected], 503-209-4679 phone, 503-224-1548 fax The position will remain open until filled. OLCV-EF is an equal opportunity employer.
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer
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