Director of Programs and Evaluation

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organization:Camp Fire USA
position summary:

The Director of Programs & Evaluation will be responsible for ensuring the success and expansion of Camp Fire’s afterschool programs. They will assess current programs and identify potential new sites, while ensuring the long-term financial stability of all Camp Fire afterschool programs.

Essential functions will include the following: evaluation, training, seeking alternative funding strategies and strategic planning.

Please email [email protected] for a complete job description.

Salary / Pay Rate:$40,000-$50,000
Required Skills and Abilities:• Experience with strategic planning and creating business plans • Experience in research and evaluation • Knowledge of Youth Development field • Knowledge of the Portland community
Qualifications:• Bachelor’s degree in public policy, public administration, social work, business or related field • 3 years experience with youth programs
Education Required:College degree
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer
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