Human Resources Intern

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organization:Portland Children's Museum
position summary:

The Human Resources Intern at the Portland Children's Museum will work with the Human Resource Manager and Director of Finance & Administration to support the museum's Human Resource objectives. The intern will contribute to the museum team through completing various tasks including updating employee personnel files, creating reports to track employee information, and maintaining copies of all state and federal documentation. Special projects relating to Human Resource department will be assigned.

Duration: This position is available year round. It requires a minimum of 15 hours a week. Scheduled vacations can be accommodated. The duration of the internship is one term/semester or 12 weeks.

Benefits: The intern will learn about the workings of a mid-sized non-profit organization first hand. Students contemplating work in Human Resources or Business Administration in either a non-profit or for-profit corporation will find the work especially relevant. At the end of the internship, the supervisor will provide a written performance evaluation and, if requested, a letter of recommendation. Depending on the type of internship and the policies of the intern's college or university, the intern will be compensated with academic credit.

Salary / Pay Rate:unpaid
Required Skills and Abilities:- Excellent written and oral communication skills - Well-organized and able to work on a deadline - High commitment to inquiry and learning - Strong Excel and data base management skills - Superior customer service
Qualifications:Junior or Senior College student working on degree in Human Resources, Administration or related field.