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This fall it's time for you to find out how nonprofits can (must?) do effective ADVOCACY & POLITICAL PARTICIPATION

Do you believe your nonprofit has a duty to be involved in advocacy for your mission but not know how to get started or do it well? Are you worried you might do something illegal?

Register now for Barbara Dudley's fall course, "ADVOCACY AND POLITICAL PARTICIPATION IN THE NONPROFIT SECTOR" and explore how you can be effectively engaged in matters you care about. Investigate the present status of “government by the people,” including legal, economic and political barriers to citizen participation, as well as strategies for overcoming those barriers. What is the difference between a 501(c)(3) and a 501(c)(4)? What's a PAC?  What's a 527 organization?  Learn about the role of nonprofit and voluntary organizations in lobbying and advocacy, and the role of citizen movements in shaping our democracy.  Develop your ability to think strategically in an advocacy campaign.

The course instructor, Barbara Dudley, has a long history in advocacy organizations, including as Executive Director of the National Lawyers Guild and of Greenpeace USA, Director of Strategic Campaigns of the national AFL-CIO, and Director of a Unitarian Universalist foundation which funded civil society organizations throughout the country. She is currently a co-chair of the Oregon Working Families Party.

The class meets fall term on Thursdays, 4-6:30PM. It may be taken for credit (Undergrad level is PA410 Sec 3 CRN 15554 , Graduate level is PA510 Sec 3 CRN 15553) or as a non-credit "certificate" course.  For more information, please contact the Institute for Nonprofit Management. [email protected], 503.725.8221. www.inpm.pdx.edu.

Sharon Hasenjaeger Assistant Director Institute for Nonprofit Management Portland State University Tel: (503) 725-8221 Fax: (503) 725-8045 [email protected] www.inpm.pdx.edu for information on INPM’s nonprofit courses and events