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Administrative Assistant position open - Presbytery of the Cascades

The Presbytery of the Cascades, a regional governing body of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), seeks an Administrative Assistant to work with its chief ecclesiastical officer.  Requirements are: general office and administrative skills, stable work history, proficiency in WordPerfect, Word, and Excel.  Must have strong interpersonal & communication skills.  Cascades Presbytery offers a competitive salary & benefits package. 

Details of the position and the application form are at http://www.cascadespresbytery.org/AAStated-Clerk2008.pdf.

General information about the Presbytery of the Cascades is at http://www.cascadespresbytery.org/.

Résumé, completed application form, and cover letter due by August 25, 2008, to The Office of the Stated Clerk, The Presbytery of the Cascades, 0245 SW Bancroft Street, Suite D, Portland, Or  97239.


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