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Earning publicity, CubeSpace workshop, Tuesday, 8/19

"Earning publicity: How to share your story to get (and stay) in the media"


Are you a nonprofit or business marketing/development/executive staff asking yourself:

- How do I get my organization into the media? - What does a good story actually look like? - What makes the media people tick (and how do I make sure not to tick them off)? - How do I draft a powerful press release? - Why pitch (and how)? - What do I do after the story gets covered?

Find answers to these and many other questions as well as lots of practical real-life tips at this workshop.


Tuesday, August 19, 6:30 - 8:00 PM

CubeSpace, 622 SE Grand Ave., Portland, Oregon



1) Special guest: Lisa Helderop - Lisa worked in TV news for 16 years before pursuing a career in public relations. She understands news and can anticipate how the local media will respond to a story- be it a pitch or a real crisis within an organization. Lisa's journalism background enables her to help prepare people for media interviews. As a public relations professional, Lisa understands the importance of both internal and external communication.

2) Peter Korchnak - Promoting high school events. Public relations at a Volkswagen assembly plant. Re-branding Domestic Violence Resource Center. Semiosis Communications, providing holistic and sustainable marketing solutions for socially responsible organizations. These experiences helped Peter understand the power and importance of niche marketing for cultivating long-term relationships with stakeholders. Community-building as a marketing strategy... it works! Find out more at http://www.SemiosisCommunications.com.

$20, pay at the door