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Seeking Pro-Bono Lawyer for Effective Fund-raising Tool

As Kurt Vonnegut would say, "Imagine this": The year is 2012. Portland has the best health-care system, education system, and quality of life of any city in the US. Portland's citizens have good access to the programs and services that provide assistance in times of need. Local businesses are thriving, and unemployment is at a record low. In short, Portland's economy is serving all of its citizens. A group of economic experts, community activists, development consultants, and technological gurus have been diligently working to launch this vision.  They are all part of a group called Community Way.  The launch will takes place on September 13th and we are enthusiastically and urgently seeking pro-bono legal consultation as well as members for our Advisory Board.  This is a fantastic opportunity to support hundreds of non-profit organizations within one pro-bono project.  A brief explanation follows, but please feel free to use the contact below for more information.  You'll be very pleased you did! Community Way is a community foundation that connects local businesses, charitable organizations (COs), and individuals in a mutually beneficial three-way partnership. Community Way allows local businesses to attract the loyalty of people who support COs without any up-front cash costs, provides COs with a powerful fundraising tool, and makes it easy for citizens to support COs without losing any of their buying power. Loyalty programs have a long history of allowing businesses to use their unused capacity to capture the loyalty of new customers. Community Way uses this same principle, and puts it in the service of COs. How does it work?Community Way gives businesses a chance to issue credit (Community Credits or CCs) to charitable organizations as a donation.  Supporters of the CO buy this credit for dollars, thereby supporting the CO, and spend it back at the businesses.  What value does Community Way bring to Portland?Community Way gives the community two distinct sources of value.  The first is when a business attracts the loyalty of people who support charitable organizations as the CO is funded.  When enough businesses join the CW system, a second source of value emerges.  Businesses can use their CCs to trade with each other thereby lowering their cash costs.  This principle has been well demonstrated in the commercial barter industry.  Community Way builds on what the barter industry has accomplished by encouraging businesses to use their CCs to provide increased benefits to employees, develop local supply-chains, and support COs. If interested, please contact Sarah Noyes, MA at: [email protected] or 503-927-9738.  Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from those interested in systematically changing the world!