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Emerald Charter School

Charter School focusing on science and math with an inquiry-based approach

Nonprofit Type: Education & Instruction

Region(s) Covered: Portland

Contact Information

website link:http://emeraldcharterschool.blogspot.com
address:6206 N Campbell Avenue
Portland, OR  97217
principal contact:Sarah Bailen Smith
email:[email protected]


Our mission is to provide students and educators with an inquiry and community-based educational program that will build on children’s natural desire to investigate the world.


Emerald Charter School students will actively participate in the learning process, connecting the community with their educational experiences and bridging the link between children as contributing members of society. Teachers will encourage children to ask authentic questions and to develop and pursue meaningful, real-world investigations. Teachers will assist students in linking knowledge with their new ideas and information. Reading, writing, math, social studies and art will be integral to the children’s experiences as they cycle through the scientific method.