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Job Posting Health Dean - Concordia University Portland

Health Care & Human Services Program, Dean for a Difference

Dean – “One who develops leaders to transform society”  

Concordia University – Portland, Oregon  

You   - Think and act inside and outside the box for good results - Have a Christian servant-leader’s heart - Teach ethical health care with dignity, not just technique and technology - Make learning effective, fun and lifetime - Bring entrepreneurial energy - Turn friendraising into fundraising - Advocate for the needs of our neighborhood - Open doors widely for graduate job placement - Model and instill great teaching-learning   We’re Adding To Our Team


A PhD with 5+ years admin, teaching and research savvy beyond what’s on paper -  A substantial human whose mission strongly fits our mission 

A visionary leader who removes barriers and builds consensus-driven action - A self-starting doer who knows what they’re doing - A strong connector and nurturer of the student, faculty, business and nonprofit communities -

One ready to make a 3+ year commitment to being a Dean that delivers - A shaper of the future of caring health care. 

You’re Attracted By Being Accountable For These Results   - Graduates who are valuable, valued and sought out - Growing Nursing, Social Work and Physical Therapy programs driven by      quality and prestige - Successful viral marketing of the Concordia and Department vision and values - Attracting and retaining conscious, caring, competent faculty and co-learners - Donors who consider it a gift to be able to support Concordia people, programs and passions

The Benefits Go Far Beyond Dollars

Thrive in one of America’s most livable, friendly, culture-rich, green, small-big towns – Portland, Oregon - Reduced or free tuition for you and your kids - Salary commensurate with experience - Generous benefits

Up To It?   Visit http://www.cu-portland.edu/aboutcu/descriptions/2007%20%20HHS%20Dean-%20FULL%20Position%20Description%20Final%20-%20RTF2.pdf   Contact: Mark Wahlers, PhD, Provost, [email protected] (503) 493-6540 6514                                                                                           

Oh, By the Way At Concordia we’re about learning how to learn . . . for a lifetime of service.     September 11, 2008,   posted by Charles B. Maclean