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New OMSI Podcast: Black Holes and Compressed Air

New OMSI Podcast: Black Holes and Compressed Air

Sound Science: Providing Illuminating Answers to Wonder-Filled Questions

Tune into OMSI’s podcast, Sound Science, providing illuminating answers to wonder-filled questions. This week's questions are:

Where does stuff go in a black hole?

Why do cans of compressed air get cold when you let the air out?

A new edition of Sound Science is posted every Friday. The podcast is like a radio show, with host Anders Liljeholm asking OMSI educators to respond to questions from people from around the world. The interviews are approximately 5-10 minutes in length.

You can also check out past episodes for more illuminating answers to more wonder-filled questions, including:

Why shouldn't we put nuclear waste in a volcano?

What would happen if Jupiter exploded?

Can coffee get hotter sitting in a cup?

Why does deja vu happen?

Why is flu seasonal? 

Have a question of your own? Call 503.863.5625 (503.TOE.LOCK) or send your question to [email protected]  Then, tune into to www.omsi.edu/podcast to hear the answer!

You can also find Sound Science in the iTunes Music Store by searching for OMSI.