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JDN Academy Workforce Event 9.19 this Friday

When: Friday, September 19th, 8:30am-4:00pm Full breakfast and afternoon dessert, lunch on your own. Doorprize drawings.

Where: Portland, OR

For details visit the all new JDN website at www.jobdevelopersnetwork.org

FEE: $90 for Non-Subscribers $27 for JDN Subscribers - 1/2 price JDN Subscription special - details under "Join" on website.

WORKSHOP: What did you think I wanted? Listening for Meaning: Techniques that enable you to focus on specific points in your conversations with your clients. Eliminate misunderstandings, improve comprehension, detect inconsistencies, and direct alternative strategies for moving forward with their job search.

WORKSHOP: Effective Networking Skills for You & Your Clients including Client Tracking Tools and Resume Profile Pages to Showcase Your Clients: Networking is a constant process of giving and receiving – of asking for an offering help. By putting people in contact with one another, by giving your time and expertise and sharing them freely, the pie gets bigger for everyone.

WORKSHOP: Customized Job Development Techniques: A Business to Business approach. Explore job development for a whole new perspective.

WORKSHOP: Job Carving Techniques: "Today the challenges and opportunities of the job developer are greater than ever, and the need for our services is felt more acutely than ever by those we serve. Never has there been a greater need for job developers to take an intelligent, business-minded, proactive and revolutionary approach to creating employment opportunities in our local communities.” Workshop is based on the popular book by author Denise Bissonnette - Beyond Traditional Job Development: The Art of Creating Opportunity. Book Featured in May JDNconnections.

WORKSHOP: Adding to your Job Development Toolbox – Cold Calling Exceptional Tools to Generate Exceptional Success: *Understanding what constitutes a cold call *Scripts *Tracking Systems*Motivation/Attitude/Commitment *Questions To Consider *Bullet Proof Your Rejection Shield.

WORKSHOP: Basics of Conflict Management - Achieve More With Less Stress: Conflict is often inevitable and can be good, example: a conflict of ideas can often lead to new ways of doing something better. Techniques to manage conflict with your clients; within your assigned duties; with your co-workers; with your supervisors; within yourself at work and in life.

WORKSHOP: Develop Business Partnerships and Successful Employment Connections: Learn how to develop partnerships with employers that lead to successful employment connections for your clients and your programs. Build a strong brand identity for you programs.

WORKSHOP: Personality Type: Understanding our own personality type helps us to grow and become more competent and successful in our own life. Understanding another person's personality type helps us to more effectively communicate with them, and understand how they function best. Workforce Applications for Personality Type: * Counseling: Help individuals better understand their own strengths and weaknesses * Education: Develop different teaching techniques to better match differences in personality type * Career Counseling: Identify careers for which our clients have the greatest aptitude * Management: Enhance understanding of an employee's natural talents, to maximize their job satisfaction * Interpersonal Relations: Develop more effective communication with family, friends and coworkers

WORKSHOP: Job Development & Life Skills For Vocational Success And Self-Sufficiency: Valuable vocational rehabilitation training information! Resources, tips and techniques to provide workforce professionals with what they need to secure vocational training, sheltered employment and other support services to people with disabilities enabling them to achieve their potential for self-sufficiency.