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MEETING CANCELED - Citywide Parks Team, 9/18/ 08

Due to a conflict with the "Big Look" town hall meeting and a family emergency for our guest speaker, the September Citywide Parks Team meeting has been CANCELED!  The draft Asset Disposition Policy will be presented and discussed at the November 2008 meeting.   We urge you to attend the Big Look town hall meeting instead. 

Thursday, September 18, 2008 University of Portland - Buckley Center Auditorium 5000 N Willamette Boulevard Portland, OR 97203 6:30 pm - 8.30 pm

Oregon's Big Look Task Force is a 10-member state-appointed group charged with evaluating our statewide land use planning system and making recommendations to the 2009 legislature. Now the task force has scheduled several workshops to get public input on their proposals to change land use planning in Oregon, including one in Portland. These public workshops are the only opportunity for us to voice our opinions on the task force's proposals about Oregon's future.  It is critical that the task force hear from hundreds, hopefully thousands, of Oregonians who know that Oregon's land use system is effective, and needs to be strengthened in the face of new challenges, not weakened.


Portland Citywide Parks Team Meeting

Thursday, September 18, 2008 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Portland Building, Forest Park Room, 13th Floor 1120 SW 5th Ave, Portland

Topic:  Draft Asset Disposition Policy Guest:  Brett Horner, Manager             Strategic Planning Projects             Portland Parks & Recreation

One of the issues identified as a result of conversations regarding Mt. Tabor Park was the realization that Portland Parks & Recreation lacked a formal policy to guide the disposition of parks assets. Disposition of assets is part of the bureau's larger "Asset Management Strategy".

The basic premise of asset management is that assets exist to provide services. Management of those assets involves acquiring, developing and maintaining assets to provide those services and, on occasion, disposing of assets that are surplus to bureau needs. The bureau's draft asset disposition policy provides the means to address issues and concerns around the disposal of assets.

A draft of this policy will be discussed at the next City Wide Parks Team meeting.  We will also have a brief update of the planning process for Tabor Yard/Nursery.

The Portland Citywide Parks Team is an ad hoc citizens group, formed in February 2005.  Monthly meetings provide a forum for information-sharing and an exchange of ideas -- and for respectful discourse on park issues and policies.  There are also opportunities to network with others who are working and volunteering to make Portland's parks even better than they are today.  It's citizen-initiated, citizen-led, citizen-owned, and intended for all Portlanders who care about getting things done in and for parks in Portland.

The Citywide Parks Team meetings are open to anyone.  The group doesn't have designated members or a formal committee structure. Interested individuals are encouraged to drop in whenever they can. It's a self-selected, ever-changing group that meets monthly, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm on the third Thursday, in the Forest Park Conference Room at the Portland Building.  Attendance has ranges from 5 to 40+ people, depending on the topic.

NOTE: It is important that you arrive between 6:45 and 7:10 pm. Because the doors automatically lock at 6 pm, a Park employee must be at the 5th Ave entrance to let participants in. Once she leaves to join the meeting (at 7:10 pm), you may not be able to enter the building.

Sign up for the group's e-mail listserv by sending a blank email message to: [email protected]

-- Linda

Linda Robinson, Chair Citywide Parks Team 503-261-9566 [email protected] [Note:  There was a typo in my new email address included at the bottom of the June meeting notice.  This is the correct address.]