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Human Services Training at PSU this Fall

Effective Strategies for Working with Latino Clients with Shahaha Koslofksy Fri 8:30am-4 Sep 26, 2008 Latinos are among the fastest growing populations in the U.S., and currently make up more than 10 percent of the population. This clinical training addresses specific needs and salient issues for people from different Latino backgrounds. http://sesweb.ses.pdx.edu/ceed_cat/detail_large.cfm?id=463D

Supported Education With Karen Unger Fri/Sa 8:30am-4 pm Oct 3,4, 2008 Learn about supported education, helping people with mental illness participate in postsecondary education, a new state evidence-based practice. http://sesweb.ses.pdx.edu/ceed_cat/detail_large.cfm?id=463R

Clinical Supervision with Lisa Aascheim Fri/Sat 8:30am-4pm, Oct 10/11 and Nov 14/15 +TBA Explore conceptual and empirical literature on counseling supervision, including models, approaches and techniques, relationship and process issues, and ethical and legal considerations. http://sesweb.ses.pdx.edu/ceed_cat/detail_large.cfm?id=44T3

How to Adapt and Not Just Adopt a Best Practice: the Art of Applying Best Practices with Gregory Crosby Fr 8:30am-4 Oct 31, 2008 Explore clinical best practice in communication skills, therapeutic methods, and outcome measures and supervision. http://sesweb.ses.pdx.edu/ceed_cat/detail_large.cfm?id=45UN

Pathological Computer Use and Internet Addiction: Description and Treatment with Jerald Block Fri 8:30am-4 pm Nov 7, 2008 Become familiar with Pathological Computer Use and Internet Addiction Disorder, understand their clinical significance, and review established treatment strategies. http://sesweb.ses.pdx.edu/ceed_cat/detail_large.cfm?id=464V

Gender Transition I: Introduction to Transgender Issues with Reid Vanderburgh Fri 8:30am-4 pm Nov 14, 2008 The first workshop of a three part series providing an introduction to transgender issues and an overview of the physical transition process. http://sesweb.ses.pdx.edu/ceed_cat/detail_large.cfm?id=45UK

Advanced Supervision for Social Workers: Identifying and Preventing Vicarious Trauma with Wayne Scott Fr 8:30am-4 pm, Nov 21 Working with multi-problem clients can be inspiring for clinicians but also makes them vulnerable to exhaustion. Learn specific strategies to strengthen clinicians committed to doing this work. http://sesweb.ses.pdx.edu/ceed_cat?detail_large.cfm?id+45UJ

Cognitive Therapy for Psychosis I: with Ron Unger Thurs 8:30am-4 pm Dec 4, 2008 The first day of a two-part series focuses on cognitive therapy for psychosis, an evidence-based approach that can help people reduce problems associated with experiences such as delusions, voices, and paranoia. http://sesweb.ses.pdx.edu/ceed_cat/detail_large.cfm?id=45VE

Cognitive Therapy for Psychosis II: When Trauma and Psychosis Mix with Ron Unger Fri 8:30am-4 pm Dec 5, 2008 The second day of a series focuses on learning to provide effective therapy to trauma survivors who also have psychotic symptoms, by integrating cognitive therapy for psychosis with other trauma therapies. http://sesweb.ses.pdx.edu/ceed_cat/detail_large.cfm?id=463B

Multidisciplinary Treatment of Chronic Pain with Catriona Buist and Shelley Lowenstein Fri 8:30am-4 pm Dec 12, 2008 New research will be presented on the development of chronic pain states and the interaction of mind-body in the development, maintenance and treatment of chronic pain. http://sesweb.ses.pdx.edu/ceed_cat/detail_large.cfm?id=463C

For more information, follow links under each training or contact Kathy Lovrien at [email protected] or 503-725-8165