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Job Postings for Alternative High School Programs

Oregon Outreach, Inc., is a non-profit alternative high school we curretnly have 3 positions available.   

JOB DESCRIPTION Social Counselor for our Milwaukie site.

REPORTS TO: Site Lead Teacher                                                                  

DESCRIPTION OF POSITION:This full-time position provides social counseling to students to enable them to develop and achieve their educational, career, and personal goals. The Social Counselor will support OOI school programs by providing substance abuse interventions, community connections, and family contacts.

QUALIFICATIONS:The person filling this position must have demonstrated ability to work with at-risk youth and their families. State certification as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor is preferred. A college degree in social work/counseling is desirable; experience in a social counseling position may be accepted instead of a degree. Good written and verbal communication skills are needed.

RESPONSIBILITIES:•     Assist students in the development and evaluation of short and long term social goals.•     Assist students in conflict resolutions.•    Mediate student to student, or student to staff conflicts..•     Assist students in developing good decision-making and problem-solving skills.•     Assist students in developing positive interpersonal relationships with others.•     Develop and implement curriculum in healthy lifestyles, anger management, social skills, conflict resolution, etc.•     Provide individual and/or group counseling as needed (i.e. crisis counseling, conflict resolution, etc.)•     Develop referral process for students needing additional social services.•     Make recommendation and/or referral to other community human service programs for assigned students and/or families when appropriate•     Serve as a liaison between students and outside agencies.•     Compile a resource guide of community agencies and resources.•     Implement and monitor behavior and attendance contracts with students.•     Keep accurate and up-to-date attendance records and forward them to the Registrar's Office as required by OOI staff handbook.•     Make parent contacts by phone to follow up on student's absences.•     Keep accurate record of all phone calls on a phone log as per OOI staff handbook.•     Assist in the orientation process for new students as assigned by the Lead Teacher.•     Monitor or supervise student CARAT or TABE testing as assigned by the Lead Teacher.•     Complete (or arrange for) an A and D pre-screen on all new students within two weeks of enrollment.•     Provide appropriate student supervision for classrooms, hallways, special events, student lunch and breaks, and before and after school as assigned.•     Assist in the instructional process by providing teacher back-up, one-on-one tutorials, additional supervision, etc. as assigned.•     Maintain professionalism by developing and maintaining a professional relationship with other staff, students, parents, and community support persons.•     Attend and participate in all staff in-service and site staff meetings.•    Maintain site hours as defined by the site Lead Teacher, and follow OOI policy when unable to attend school and when applying for use of personal leave or vacation days.•     Participate in OOI strategic planning, committee, and other organizational meetings.•     Attend and assist in supervision of school field trips and after school activities.•     Other duties as assigned. 

TUTOR/TEACHER    Day Reporting Center-Lifeworks NW (Hillsboro)   Reports to:  Lifeworks Director/OOI Director of Academics  

DESCRIPTION OF POSITION: This part-time position provides academic assistance to clients of the Day Reporting Center.  This assistance includes small group or one-on-one instruction, tutoring, GED preparation, credit retrieval and advocacy with clients’ home school counselor.   QUALIFICATIONS: Certified teacher required.  The person filling this position must have demonstrated ability to work with at-risk youth and families.  The person must also have proven ability to work as a member of a small team.  Spanish speaker also preferred, but not a requirement.  

RESPONSIBILITIES: Tutor will spend eighteen (18) hours per week on site at the Day Reporting Center, providing individual tutoring to clients of the Day Reporting Center.  OOI staff may work additional hours with prior approval from OOI.  Clients who are enrolled in school will receive instruction in subject area where assistance is need. Tutor will administer CARAT test. Tutor will provide learning activities based on students academic needs and aligned with state content standards. Tutor will provide diverse instructional strategies appropriate for each student. Tutor will contact and coordinate with schools where clients are enrolled. Tutor will request information from the school regarding academic needs. Tutor will offer a pre-GED program to clients who are not enrolled in school. Tutor will assist clients in earning academic credit either through their home school or OOI while attending the program. Tutor will make quarterly reports to the home school. Tutor will develop and provide academic contracts for clients who are in need of credit retrieval. Tutor will send completed credit information to OOI registrar and to the home school registrar. Tutor will interact with clients in recreational and outside activities. Tutor will work closely with the Teacher at OOI to assure compliance with state and agency standards. Tutor will report to the Supervisor of the Day Reporting Center. Job: PT CNA Instructor needed to provide CNA instruction for High School level CNA training program.  Must be Licensed Practical Nurse.  Call Rebecca Black at 503-281-9597. or fax cover letter and resume to 503-281-8817, or email to [email protected].