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Fair Housing Council needs PT Housing Discrimination Testers

Illegal housing discrimination is very real and very much still a current problem (visit the Fair Housing Council of Oregon website at http:/www.FHCO.org to learn more about civil rights in housing and about fair housing protected classes).

We are currently in need of the following types of testers: Native Americans (male and female) African-Americans (male and female) Whites (male) Hispanics (male and female)

INFO ON THE TESTING PROCESS: Testing is one of our best ways of gathering evidence in cases regarding discrimination. For the most part, if we feel that the case has merit, we investigate. If there is a vacancy at a property that is in suspect, we send our testers in like secret shoppers. Our testers pretend to be potential tenants or buyers either over the phone or in person. Testers are given a script and follow the basic instructions. Afterwards, our testers write up a report of what happened.

This type of evidence is used nationwide in investigating housing discrimination complaints hence the training you would receive is largely based on the Dept. of Housing and Urban Developments training.

Tester training usually lasts from 2 to 3 hours. After the training you are given a practice test. We then go over your practice test with you and tell you how you can improve. The only requirement is that you pass our criminal background check.

For each test that you complete for FHCO you get 10.00 per phone test, 25.00 per on-site test (you also get paid for miles). This should no means be viewed as a job but still can provide some supplementary income. It is also a way to help further the cause of civil rights so in a sense you are giving your time for a nominal cost to help society.

If you're interested please contact Luke at [email protected] with your interest, contact info, and demographics. Thank you.