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Speaker Training - I Can Fix It!: Racism

I Can Fix It! Speaker Corps

Local artist/activist damali ayo is currently recruiting people to become certified in her signature talk: I Can Fix It!: Racism. This exciting training will give people all the tools they need to enhance the ten-step guide and spread the tools to start dialogue and fight racism in their communities.

This powerful and effective presentation gets people to challenge racism on a very plain and basic level that they cannot avoid. Sometimes controversial, always entertaining, this guide and the presentation has been used in communities around the globe. Now you can disseminate this guide yourself.

damali trains new speakers to give her talk on 10 practical solutions for how to create healthier, more productive racial interactions. The training will be in Portland, Oregon. Friday, participants get to enjoy damali's humor and style as they see her give the presentation in it's full glory. Saturday we work together to insert our own stories and experiences into the presentation to make it your own. The following Saturday we reconvene after trying the presentation in the world, and discuss challenges, further questions, and receive certification. Facilitation and presentation skills will be covered. PowerPoint slides and visuals will be given as part of the training. Participants will be given a certificate of completion and encouraged to bring the talk to schools and communities.

Further information and resources available here: Website: http://fixracism.com/

Blog: http://fixracism.blogspot.com/

Email: [email protected]

Application due Sept 25. Please disseminate.

Fee: $250, scholarship available. $100 Deposit due October 1. (ideally) The training will take place over three sessions. Dates: October 17, 6-9pm October 18, 8am -1pm October 25, 8am -1pm